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San Francisco

Intersection Where the Anti-Chinese Rioters Were Stopped


At least 500 of the men at The Sandlot marched toward Chinatown. The San Francisco police were able to get a large contingent of officers out in front of the crowd, and just outside of Chinatown, at the corner of California and Dupont Streets, the police formed a double line to block the way. The mob charged the police line, but the police pushed them back. The size and force of the police line successfully halted the attack, and within an hour the marchers began to disperse.


Another mob from The Sandlot tried to go around to the north end of Chinatown, but they found another police line waiting for them there. Thwarted with their attempts at violence, the crowd gave up for the evening and an uneasy calm settled in that night.

Sources: Garner, McDannold, Pfaelzer, Sandmeyer, Shumsky



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About this site: The intersection of California and Grant (formerly Dupont) Streets features the imposing edifice of St. Mary's Cathedral, which was built in 1853-54. Grant Street , shown here, is one of the main entrances into today's Chinatown.

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