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Site of The Warehouses


Many of the Chinese residents were rightfully fearful for their lives, and within a few hours they packed up their belongings and went to the wharf to show the agitators they were planning to leave (at that time there was no railroad in Eureka).


By midnight dozens of Chinese and many more crates and suitcases were crowded on the wharf. To prevent an outbreak of violence against the Chinese, the militia moved the most of the people on the wharf into warehouses at the end of E Street. They spent the night there under guard.


As soon as Chinese residents left their stores or homes, white men broke in and looted thousands of dollars' worth of Chinese wares. Although some men talked about burning down Chinatown, the Sheriff was able to control the crowds by enlisting as many men as possible to help move Chinese belongings to the wharf.

Sources: Carranco, Moak, Perry, Pfaelzer


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About this site: The warehouses where the Chinese were housed overnight remained in place until the late 20th century. Sometime in the 1980's they were demolished as part of a larger waterfront improvement project. As of 2010, the property where the warehouses once stood is a vacant lot.

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