Tim Greyhavens is a writer, researcher, and photographer based in Seattle. He integrates his work to explore transitions in photography from the 19th to the 21st centuries.


His photographs have appeared in many publications, including Orion Magazine, Camera Arts, Color Magazine, Focus Magazine, GEO, Photo Media and in magazines of The Wilderness Society, Defenders of Wildlife, and other environmental organizations.

Over the past twenty years his prints have been exhibited in public and private galleries across the country, including the Smithsonian Institution’s Museum of Natural History. 

Currently he devotes much of his time to researching and writing about photography. His initial research on funding for photography projects led him to develop the Photo Funds Database, a free, searchable list of more than 2,000 grants, awards, and crowdfunding campaigns for photography. ​

In 2017 he started the North American Photographic History website, a place where students, academics, scholars, and independent researchers of the history of photography in North America can connect with each other.​

His latest project is the Curtis Census, an on-going effort to determine an accurate number of bound sets and volumes of the original edition of the Edward Curtis masterwork The North American Indian.

Here's a selective list of some of the articles he's written over the past few years:


We Can’t Wait Any Longer: An Interview with Daniella Zalcman, 2017

How Ryan Stout’s crowdfunded photo gear campaigns raised $3 million, 2017

An Interview with Keith F. Davis, Part 1: It’s Not a Normal Job, 2016

An Interview with Keith F. Davis, Part 2: The Collector’s Eye, 2016

Photography is a Language That We All Speak - An Interview with Lisa Sutcliffe, 2016

LENS@LACMA: An Interview with Rebecca Morse, 2016

David Logan's Legacy [An Interview with Ken Light], 2015

David Logan's Legacy [An Interview with Christine Hult-Lewis], 2015

The Picture Says It All: A Conversation with Shari Sant Plummer, 2015

Helen Cherullo of Braided River: Channeling Passion into Action, 2015

A Little Bit of Hungry: An Interview with Michelle Dunn Marsh, 2015


The Expanding Universe of Crowdfunded Photo Gear, 2017

Follow the Money, 2017

Five Lessons from the Top 500 Kickstarter Photo Campaigns, 2016

The Top 100 Kickstarter Photo Books, 2016

Philanthropy and Photography

Beyond the Boundaries: Why the NEA Matters to Photographers, 2017

The Remarkable Hall Family of Kansas City, 2016

Collectors as Philanthropists: William and Saundra Lane, 2016

David Logan's Legacy, 2015

Nonprofit Organizations

New Survey Sheds Light on Nonprofit Photo Use, 2017


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Image above: Seattle, Washington

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